I liked being the bad guy because everyone knows that the bad guys get to choose how much pain is inflicted. The bad guys don’t get hurt, they hurt.

They hurt.

Mistrust and jealousy became our outline that wasn’t made with my hands, but followed through just the same. “I would never cheat on you, trust me” became like an echo that I didn’t even recognize anymore.

Instead, “Let me not make a liar out of you” became my thought, turned vocal chords.

My action
Soon to begin
To follow

But it always returned to the thought was it all just a mirror
A reflection
Of your mind

What if?

With light eyes and a faint smile,
She was easy to love and mesmerizing just the same.
Does her ghost haunt you like she haunts me too?
Because I love you more
I love you more
I love you
…do you love us two?

Posted by:Maravilla World

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