I used to write for the sheer joy of pen to paper, mind to memories, me to you. I was brought closer to love, to us.

I can feel the first time we kiss and how I wanted those 6.1016 seconds to last forever. I can see you so clearly; feel your hands pressed up against my lower back, pulling me in closer. I — your greatest fascination, your every desire.

This is the moment I make my home out of you, showing you my true self. The past and the future became “What past?” and “Our future!” I can hear your laughter after I got ice cream all over my new outfit… And face. These sticky hands making their way to grab those chubby cheeks, your frosty smile.

Oh, how I am brought back to when you were so cold, so distant. In your bed, but all alone I was. Back to back, head facing the memories of us… They kept me up that night.

Who am I supposed to be without you?

The less time
The less patience
The less affection
You gave me
The more of my body
My money
My pride
I gave in return

Who am I supposed to be without you?

Affection became anger and addiction
Desire now dismay and dependency
You and I
Never able to let go

Indifference and distance
My drug
The love of my life
My plug

Posted by:Maravilla World

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