A breath of fresh air
That’s what we were in the beginning
From our kiss up until…


When did it all become so fucked?

I don’t feel like I’m a good person when I’m with you. Whenever I think about us, I begin to miss who I used to be. Before you, before us.

I really want it to be all in my head. I really really want to be wrong. I really really really want these red flags to disappear. I really really really really want my gut feeling to tell me that you’re the one.

How do I know that this isn’t all in my head?

That’s all I’ve felt since that night.
But then I think, maybe you were right. I do deserve this. It was all of my fault. I am too much, I was never enough.

Why won’t you let go?
Why can’t I?

Posted by:Maravilla World

Come see 'bout me.

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