When I saw you for the first time, somehow everything started to make sense. Mandatory first day attendance was but a suggestion, so 15 minutes late you were.

Sweatpants. Hoodie. No care in the world.

Great first impression.

And yet, it felt as if you’d always been part of my life.
My soul instantly recognized yours.

It was the softness of your skin that brought about the urgency of my fingertips. I craved you in the most innocent of ways, and those deep brown eyes began to frame the rest of my life. I’m consumed by you, and no amount of words could ever compare to the first time I heard you laugh.

For hours and hours,
We were at the doorway of your apartment’s building.
Moving out of the people’s way coming
In and out and
In and out,
I managed to catch each one of your awkward faces!
Whether they be at me
Or the person
Or both.
And all we could do was
Laugh and talk and
Laugh and talk!

That’s when I knew that no one else inspired me more.

Your voice gave me a sense of home only my heart could know, and to think that my entire life changed on some idle Tuesday afternoon. Because every time someone tells me a joke, I wonder if you heard that one yet. And every time I get any type of news, it’s not important until I shared it with you. And every time I just want to talk about

Anything and
Nothing and
Everything and
I want you.
I need you.
I miss you…

Drafts and drafts of my bad poetry never make any sense as I search for the words that are never there, in hopes that
One day,
I can describe how you make me feel
To be able to put on paper what it’s like to experience something
So infinite but in the most definite of ways,
So complex but in the simplest of ways,
So present but in the most forever of ways.
As you see,
When it comes to you,
I get lost
Yet know exactly where I’m at
And I go on and on
And I share it with you
And you laugh
And I tell you I’m not done yet
And you smile
And so I continue
And I see that smile fade away into a tear
And I ask is this too much
And you don’t reply
And I know
I know…

Hopelessly a romantic, you never got tired.
Hopelessly in love, neither did I.

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