That’s what you’ve given me
This is what forever feels like
From the moment we met on that idle Tuesday afternoon to
It was all in the same breath
We’ve been here before
Again and again
I am forever indebted

I see endless possibilities.
I see us in a hospital, and I’m dancing while pregnant and in waiting, or you’re dancing while pregnant and in waiting… who knows-who cares, our baby is on their way!
I see me at the stove in our kitchen, glancing over my shoulder to see you walking in from work. Your keys are hung, your jacket soon follows, your briefcase now up against the wall and you loosen your tie. I have been waiting all day, all of my life, for you to come home, our home. And we have one of those talks that go on forever.
I see us taking classes in snorkeling, dancing through streets of Cuba, hiking up mountains, cabin trips in Georgia.
I see so much life, so many moments in our ever after. Happily so.

You give me every reason to love
Life, to be kind, to
Simply trust
With your smile as my guide,
I follow this wondrous journey filled with highs
So high
Looking up to the stars in the night sky
Up to you and those brown eyes
Hearing the sweet melody of your voice, sing to me forever…
I fall in love with you for twice as long.
Floral dresses and red, silk gowns go hand in hand.
Summer daze.
Every day.

They say the stars are little holes in the floor of heaven
Well then, heaven must be 2 stories
Because I’ve got a piece of it
With you

I love you with a love made for both floors

Why was I ever so worried in the first place?

Posted by:Maravilla World

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