“As I lay on my hammock,
Star gazing
Cloud chasing

Time stands still
And everything is

Said Simplicity


“Dear God,

Please forgive me, and others, for all that we have done. For what we have done was our best when it was done. Please bring me, and others, the peace of heart that allows us to know that this journey is blessed with your grace. Please remind me, and others, that life is really happening… right now. And only now

And please, oh please God, love me, and others, because we are you – you are us – we are one.”

Said Spirituality


“More laughter
More life
More love

More kindness

More… wonder
For it all

I look within and see all of what I need,
Of what I want

My greatest fear
My greatest desire

Am I?

I am”

Said Self-reflection


“The more I love you, the more I love
Bring wine
Dirty wine
Through the darkness
I see that you are my cure
And I am mesmerized by it all
Heal me in places like it’s our first time
Every single time

Where my skin ends
Yours begin

Oh, let this night be the beginning of our

Said Sensuality


“I rest in bed,
My body curls over the freshly tumbled sheets,
And I snuggle with my lavender scented blanket of 10 years time

Lavender walls
With creme accents
When life was too hard,
You surrounded me
When life was too much,
You protected me
When life was just too…
You finished my incomplete thoughts with open arms
And gave me space to think
To be

Thank you for being my safe haven
I am home”

Said Sanctuary

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