I was taught that life is like a line:
That I must get from Point A to Point B,
Making sure to never skew that direction
Just so I can get to the end efficiently.

First I had to graduate high school.
Now, I’m here at college!
But once I’m done with all that learning
I’ve gotta make use of that knowledge…

Get married, buy a house, have a baby
Maybe 2 or 3!
Then make sure to get a job I hate
Just so we all can afford to eat.

And they would tell me to stop looking for my soulmate
Because there was absolutely no use.
Instead, I’d have to choose the “stable person”
Because they’re the proper one to choose!

So… I’d be surrounded with people who lack passion
Because I wouldn’t want to feel alone…
I’d tell myself all company is fine company,
And that it’s better than staying at home…

Because at home…

I’m stuck with a spouse that doesn’t get me,
A pointless degree on the wall,
And children who won’t stop asking me,
“Mommy, why are you so sad? Don’t you like anything at all?”

Because even they can see it!
I mean, how could they not?
I’m not supposed to be here,
And I can’t help but think about it a lot!

I want to go out and explore,
I always have…
But that would mean skewing that line,
Taking a different path…

A path less traveled, that’s for sure
But deep down, I always knew
That this is the life I need
If only I had the strength to skew!

But I was stuck between two points:
Point A and Point B.
I never knew life could be so magical
That maybe there could be a Point C!

And a Point D through a Point Z,
But I don’t even have to stop there!
I can start counting off numbers
And even begin to share:

With the person that I am meant to be with,
With the career that will let me thrive.
And going to sleep was something I dread because finally,
Those dreams weren’t as fun as being alive.

Posted by:Maravilla World

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