It’s 4 o’clock in the morning, and almost half an hour has passed since we left our home and ventured to our first of many flights to all of our dream countries. Dominican Republic, Chile, South Africa, and China.

We first land in the country of bachata, and find ourselves dancing the night away with mangu in one hand and Mama Juana in the other. You told me that you were falling more in love with me under the Punta Cana skies, and that’s when the palm trees and clear blue sea became the background of our paradise, our “SHE SAID YES!” Thank you for starting off our first international adventures with me becoming your future wife.

Next stop

La tierra de astronomía y poesía, and now me and my fiancée. More stars, more love. You make a haiku of everything we do, and find a balance between the art and science of it all. Thank you for showing me the way, and thank you for getting lost with me too.

Next stop

Bright colored houses, and surrounded with amazing humans who mirror our bright melanin too. Safari trips through the jungle, and your silly soul is monkeying around more than the little fur balls filled with joy. They see you, and I see you, as clear as day. Thank you for making my life easier, better, and overall being my better -half- whole. Thank you for being your own person, and allowing me to be my own person, for we have become a force.

Final, but never our last, stop

This is where my curiosity has always found itself, from Mulan and Rush Hour to origami. I loved red fans and lotus flowers, and we managed to do everything with Chinese New Years celebration. I see the dragons, hot air balloons, and the stars… The stars have become our home. They look onto us, and we look back with a wonder for it all. I look at you with an even greater wonder. Thank you for becoming my greatest fascination, and may this be the first four of far more adventures to come.

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