Those blue jeans that fall off your waist with 3 holes above the left knee, 2 on the back right pocket, and a new 1 every single time you turn around… Those blue jeans have come in handy today, and are now splattered with lavender paint from helping us decorate our bedroom. We bought this home, our first house, together… And those blue-now lavender accented- jeans have become a memorabilia for this moment in time, one of the many beginnings in our forever.

As we step outside to finish unloading the U-Haul truck (how lesbian of us), and take a look around, our dreams have come more than true. With the sand 4 steps away from our patio, and the sea 4 minutes more, our island love story has come true!

Our kitchen, our living room, our dining area, our future baby’s room, our lavender bedroom! These rooms have all the beautiful things we want in them… But I now realize that that’s exactly what they are, things. Beautiful things, and that’s amazing. But I’m filled with even more joy that I get to share these beautiful things, this beautiful space, with you.

We have created our own version of the white picket and 2.5 kids.

Welcome to our first home.

Posted by:Maravilla World

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