Waking up to sweet kisses from you, platanos y salchichas in your right hand
While your left makes its way under my sheets and down my
Sweet, sweet kisses from you
Honey everywhere
This is how I know today will be my favorite
Any day
Todos los días

You eat
And so do I
Desayuno en la cama
Just for us two

Oh, how all of my love for you comes as easily as
The breeze flowing through your ventana
With the birds singing my second favorite song,
Your heartbeat that perfectly syncs up with mine will always be
My first

When we arrive to our
Final moments of just taking the
Sunrise in
We shower… Always late because you’re waiting until I’m done
Just because you love to watch
Longing for the times of
Getting ready
Clothes on
Hair neat
Skin silk to the touch
Orden inverso

Now ready to go ride our bicicletas around the neighborhood
The breeze that earlier made its way through your windowpane
Now everywhere
Feeling almost as good as how you make me…
Mmmmm, nunca puedo dejar de tomarte

Lost between our breaths like its breakfast in bed parte dos, you know a lady two streets down veniendo duros. We make our way down Calle 13 y 14 to find her outside, in the jardin, as if she was waiting for us. La señora invites us in and gives us the duros for free, wanting us to stay a little longer for some crema de avena con chocolate. And of course, some pan tambien!

As we wait, the house begins to fill with lots of laughter and open hearts and tears and… everything else under the sun that has now long left. So much love, so much kindness. We lose track of time, turns late night..
I am at peace.
Finalmente entiendo.

…Nada real puede ser amenazado.

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