The year of 2016, my time in Panamá in particular, feels like it was carving away all of the excess marble to bring me closer to my true self… Like Marianne Williamson once described about Michelangelo’s David.

And now the year is 2017, and I remember the time when 17 was my lucky number. A time where I had an obsession over a boy who’s birthday was on the 17th, and now my lucky number is 13, the same number jersey the girl I absolutely adored was. Oh, how I have grown but in the same direction! Haha! But she was such a pleasure to know and have in my life, and I hope she is doing well.

So much life has happened! So much more is to come! And the most is going on right now!

2017 – 10 years = 2007, the year this cloud came over me and never quite left. Since then, it seems like my life became so heavy with grief about…everything. 10 years later, I’m here to claim the rainbow in this cloud. 2016 was a great storm, the greatest I had ever experienced. Wash away my disparities, and bring love back into me, that has always been me.

I had so many wishes, so many dreams… Were they truly mine? What do I want now?

I just want to be.


Posted by:Maravilla World

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