“My daddy North Carolina
Mi mama es de Panamá
You mix dat Negro
Con Latino
– Inspired to Beyoncé’s “Formation”

I am African-American and Panameña.
In my present, I am what the past envisioned of as a brighter future. I am a brighter future because they were the light.

I am a woman.
Divine femininity and comfortable in what my womanhood looks like. I am my own definition of strong and sensitive, and I like the shawty I am becoming!

I am a lesbian*.
*Once strongly identifying as lesbian, now I do not feel as strongly as before. The more I love, the more I love… And I just want to love the way I love.

Labels. This is what we use to help others understand who we are. They bring community, a sense of belonging. I love communities, but communities have rules. I love belonging, but belonging has rules. Intersectionality makes communities smaller and belonging that much more difficult. The longer I live, the closer I get to some identities while also straying away from what I initially thought was me.

Honestly, I don’t know what else to say because I’m still in the process of figuring it all out. And to be even realer, I have a feeling that this could very well last a lifetime. But I’m down for the ride of theories, experiences, and life coming at me fast… How about you? Down for a wondrous adventure?

Posted by:Maravilla World

Come see 'bout me.

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