Before my 21 day social media cleanse (Jan/Feb 2017):

Before the comments, likes, friend requests, follow-to-follower ratio, who was I? It has been so easy for me to be influenced by the opinions of others. Did I ever make the time to form my own identity?

What was it like to just be…me?

My identity
…since puberty began
…was shaped around my

Online presence

Because I had a profile before I even had my period, I need this time to be here. Present and in my life.

After my 21 day social media cleanse (Mar 2017):

I believe that social media is one of the best creations in human history, especially when used for connecting with others you’d otherwise never meet as well as it being used as a platform for those whose voices we’d otherwise never hear.

I also believe that it’s so easy to become influenced by what we believe is the “glamorous life” of others and molding/destroying ourselves to become this idea that is not meant for us. It is so easy to get lost in the numbers, lost in the idea that we have to be something that we are not.

Because YOU have permission to choose the life you want to live. If you want to be an IG honey promoting detox teas (my moodt), then go for it! If you want to become a recluse in Brazil with your vegan farm (also moodt), then for it too! IF YOU WANNA DO BOTH OR NEITHER OR WHATEVER THE FUCK, DO DAT SHIT X10000! Just make sure it is coming from you! Think for yourself, create from yourself.

Sometimes, it’s okay to take a step back away from it all, analyze, re-assess, and move accordingly.

Be true! Be you! Be whole!

My Hot Take:

During my social media cleanse, I found a lot of clarity and realized how obsessed I became with others’ lives and how much that influenced my own thoughts, opinions, and views on not only myself, but the world at large. I still don’t have it all figured out, nor do I plan/care to. All I know is that I am filled with joy that I was chosen to be Kiara (me) in this lifetime! Therefore, with each day I am given, I grow more into Kiara (me) and getting to know who I already am. Keeping that in mind, I will always be grateful.


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