January 24, 2017 was my first day as a Youth Development Specialist at my current place of employment, and since then I have tutored 3rd-5th grades and group led for Pre-K through 2nd grades…

And I am absolutely in love with it!

I’ve learned so much in the past (almost) 2 months, and have found that I have an affinity for the younger children. I think this has to do with our similar sense of humor and *cough cough* maturity levels. And now, we have so many stories together…so many memories. I get to be a role model for them just like they are for me. I get to take part in their childhoods, and they take part in shaping the woman I am right now. Every day I get to be with them is a blessing.

I love all of my kids! Pre-K thru 5th grades! Elementary Education >>>

With each day that I’m given the privilege to work with them, I leave exhausted… And filled with so much peace, so much joy. I am so satisfied with the work I do, and I wish for more time, more grace, with it all. I feel like I’ve grown into such a kind, patient, understanding, affectionate, and overall better woman because of them. They teach me way more than I do them! I can’t even describe all the ways I’ve grown because it feels infinite, and everyday is better than the last.

I am grateful.

Even on the toughest work days where everything feels so hard and painful, I am grateful. I have found work that truly feels like a gift! And I am…

All opinions are my own.

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