Dear Nathalia,

You grabbed adventure by the wrist and showed it what a real good time was all about.
Arms once flailing in the wind, now linked in an embrace.
Hips synchronized and doing a salsa across the floor.
2-stepped to the rhythm of life, and fell in love with the human experience.
You sure did know it better than anyone I ever met.

And so I took your lead,

My partner’s name MARAVILLA. Trying to keep up with your pace, but finding a balance between meaning and purpose, the science and the art.
Steady and free — stuck and lost. With each step, the other foot was focused on the next.

Which direction do I take?

Where will this dance go?

And then I recall, in a way I could never before, what you showed me with your laugh!



“Kavita! Vamos a una aventura maravilloso!”;

Posted by:Maravilla World

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