Dear Nathalia,

I am not okay with what happened to you, to me, to us. My first memory now the only thing I know and see everywhere, in everyone. From the very beginning, did we even have a chance to live a life that was okay?

15 years later and it’s still what I see in the mirror, hear in my mind, feel in my soul. Everyday. I wonder if you still thought about it too, up until your final breath.

Because 2 months prior is when you reached out for the call I couldn’t answer. I just couldn’t be there. Instead, I was becoming a woman neither one of us could recognize … survivor’s guilt now my heart and my broken heart became my smile.

Explaining who I was to anyone who would listen, meanwhile living a life of not knowing who I actually am. Their definitions of strong and pretty and smart never looked good on me, but I needed to be loved too.

Lie. Cheat. Abuse. Betray. Hurt people hurt people in ways of their own, and this became my happily ever after just the same. Who do I trust when it’s in me too?

I became a woman neither one of us could recognize…

Please, oh, please- come back and let’s go on an adventure! One of a kind, to our beginning. And stay.



To grow into the woman we both dreamed of;

Posted by:Maravilla World

Come see 'bout me.

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