Dear Nathalia,

1 June 2015:

It had been going on 7 years when we arrived
11 years since I showed up and stayed

A broken promise …and heart.

So much has happened since we were together.

That’s when I heard salsa playing over the intercom, your spirit now everywhere. My first memory became the air, all forgiven and ready to begin anew.

It’s been such a long life without you.

30 June 2015:

Thank you for the Gelarti helado. So refreshing on these hot days. Everyday. Remember how we’d say fuck it and run across rooftops instead? Faced heat flashes head-on just to get away from it all, my first memory.

I feel your spirit when I get the urge to fly off that rooftop and be free from it all too.
I want to be free too.

Life feels so empty without you,
My brave, courageous soul.



Let’s go on an adventure;

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