Dear Nathalia,

I longed for times that never came. Dreams and memories once shared with you, now mine alone. Days became painful, nights unbearable… As I wait for you to come through that door just one more time.

You never did.

How was I to know that this is where we’d be? You, now my every dream and cherished memory once upon a… I should have held on tighter, I should have told you how much I cared.

I should have…

And that’s exactly why I had to go. Oh, how I longed to be used by you, to change for us. A flame that burned eternal, I was in love and broken all in one. That’s when you told me that this is what was for the best. Taken aback and floored, I hated you! I loved you! I cursed your name! I cared! I kept trying to come back in your life, just to do it all over again. All I wanted was for you to stay, until I realized…

“Speak what you seek until you see what you said destroys everything in you
When rock bottom becomes your home, take my hand.
Allow me to be your guide!
Let us begin again, start anew.”

Love liberates, and you set me free.

Like the phases of the moon
And the seasons on earth
All will change

Like the phases of my love for you
And the seasons of constant fluctuation
All will remain



I am the one for me;

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