Your sense of wonder
And believe
That it will be brilliant

From spirituality and sensuality (#spiritual #awakened #ho) to going green and extrasolar planets (#team #natural #team #m104), I’m in complete awe of life. Can you imagine all of the possibilities that is around us, within us, that is us? CAN YOU IMAGINE? It’s so infinite, yet it’s as close to us as the air we breathe.


I wanted to do everything. At one point in time (*cough cough* currently), I explored career options and fields ranging from astrophysics to theatre, from cardiothoracic surgery to law. I’ve always seen possibility EVERYWHERE, and I’ve always yearned to be part of it…because then it would be part of me. When we understand why things are the way they are, we begin to love them. And in the warmth of love, these very things can nourish and grow and blossom just the way they need to thrive. Whether it be the stars or each other, it is only when we understand that we can finally nourish and cultivate and glo up.


I wanted to do everything because I can do everything. My goal is to capture the wonders that are all around us, within us, that is us. To trust my sense of wonder and believe that it will be brilliant! There’s nothing to be afraid of because my fear is what’s gotten me to this point + is still very much apart of me #such #human. I just gotta hit a road, I just gotta know the road.

I am on my way.

I need to write
So that I know
Someone understands
I need to write
So that when I look back
I can be that someone
Because I do understand

So tell me, what does your “way” look like?

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