Oh how I’ve missed you, my beautiful readers! It’s been far too long since we’ve last spoken. How have you been? I hope well! Here’s 5 little stories/fun facts about myself to get you in the Maravilla spirit!

  1. My first name is Kiara and my middle name is Selena. The story behind how I was given my first name was when Father Mac (my dad) was in the delivery room, he heard the song “This Time” by Kiara. He really liked the song, so he asked who was the artist…and BOOM, that’s how that happened (I’m really thankful that Shaggy wasn’t playing). Now, my mom gave me my middle name from THE Selena Quintanilla-Pérez. And indeed, the movie Selena was my childhood…and I’ll probably throw up if I’m forced to watch it ever again. However, I really enjoy when people call me by my middle name on occasion, so switch it up and holla at ya girl Selena every once in awhile!
  2. The first person (or should I say persons) I came out as a lesbian to was on complete accident! I was with my Anatomy study group (we were like the IRL version of Community), and we somehow started talking about the LGBT community. I asked the older man (I called him Pauly Dub), “What would you do if you had a gay child?” He then sarcastically asked back, “What? Are you gay?” I quickly replied back yes even though I never had said it aloud before that very moment. Fortunately, my lovely group took me in with open arms! Pauly Dub even tried to hook me up with a girl in class. I’m proud to have had them in my life, and I hope nothing for the best for each and every single one of them.
  3. My Grade 8’s persuasive writing prompt for FCAT Writes was, “The biggest change he or she has experienced from elementary to middle school.” I don’t remember what I originally planned on writing, but with 10 minutes left on the clock—I erased everything I initially talked about for whatever reason and decided to write about how I was drugged/raped at a sixth grade party and contracted an STD. The moral of my story was to never to fall for peer pressure. Tallahassee ended up calling the school to see if I needed counseling, and I spent a couple of days seeing my guidance counselor before he told me why I was there. None of that ever happened to me! At least I ended up with a 6, right?
  4. I graduated high school a year early with my Associate of Arts degree… But I plan on staying at my university the allotted 3-4 years because I’m staying in school forever anyways. #whoistherealworld?
  5. I live my life on extremes. And I’m not talking about the “let’s go skydiving!” or “how about we ride the scariest roller coaster?” type of extreme because I’m deathly afraid of both. I’m talking about how I feel everything so deeply (and extremely). When any emotion hits me, I become consumed by it fully and whole-heartedly. There’s no hiding what’s going through my mind whatsoever. In fact, I’ve even been known to overwhelm many people with how passionate I am about EVERYTHING, so I truly get it if you can’t handle it. It even scares me sometimes…but I wouldn’t change it for the world. It keeps life interesting. Let me be whole!

So yeah… That’s me. I’ve lived a very “diverse” life thus far, but this is only the beginning! I’m excited to see what’s next, but I’m even more excited to see what’s right now. :)

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