As a wise woman once said, “STOP THE TRACK! LET ME STATE FACTS:”

Many of us weren’t born with the dexterity made for suturing, or a mind diplomatic enough to change laws, or anything else that involves the typical idea of “pure talent.” This mere concept gives us the idea that we’re ordinary; and because of this, we are told to compromise our unfound gifts with what society tells us we must do. Become a physician when you really want to become the next Dr. Dre…study law instead of studying the great mosaics of the 15th century! But you know what?

“Do what you believe is great work.” -Steve Jobs

It’s just that simple… And that difficult.

It’s one of the hardest thing in the world to pursue what you love because 1) the possibility of being homeless or jobless or both, 2) people will forever talk down about what you do until what you do pays enough for them to shut up, 3) you don’t know what you love so you refuse to settle (but people see this as “being indecisive”), or 4) all of the above.

However, I’ll take all of those things any day before I work in something that I don’t absolutely LOVELOVELOVE. I was meant to explore and travel and write and create change and meet new people (particularly pretty ladies, haaay) and help all of those in need—because what’s the point of life if not that (besides pretty ladies, of course)?


Being a dreamer might sound all fun and cutesy and miraculous, but it’s the exact opposite. It’s going to be hard. And when I say hard, I’m talking about the hardest math question you’ve ever had to do and now times that by 1,000 (calculus scarred me if you couldn’t tell). Here’s a brief summary (that really doesn’t even scratch the surface) of what you’re going to get yourself into:

Pursuing your passion isn’t going to come easy. It’s isn’t for the weak at heart, or just for the “privileged.” Pursuing your passion is going involve MANY sacrifices, failure after failure after rejection after failure. And it’s going to keep repeating for what will seem like forever. Pursuing your passion may not be just “one thing” you do for the rest of your life, and that’s okay. Pursuing your passion involves being a warrior, a gladiator (hay Olivia Pope).

But when I say it’ll be worth it, I’m speaking the bloody truth. And on this journey, you’re going to inspire someone else to do the same. And it’ll be a ripple effect! And then the world will be rainbows and puppies and yayayay! …okay, maybe none of that will actually happen—but how will you know for sure unless you try?

You’re anything but ordinary, so start acting like it!

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