I fell in love with a girl who fell in love with the world,
And I couldn’t find life to be any more beautiful than this.
With her eyes alone,
I can see the great seas and beautiful people on a worldwide spectrum.

How does it feel to have captured the heart of not only mine, but the Milky Way as well?

For I can’t help but see your face in the stars,
Or on the surface of the sun,
Or in the blueness of the sky.

I would travel oceans and solar systems just to see that smile.

A smile that warms my heart faster than a thousand fires,
A smile that can put the brightness of the galaxies to shame,
A smile that brings life to the darkest of nights.
And from the crack of dawn to the moonlit night,
I cherish you
Because traveling the world in 79 days
Is experienced just within your gaze,
Your touch,



Featured Image: Michael Goh, apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap160217.html
Posted by:Maravilla World

Come see 'bout me.

3 replies on “Milky Way;

      1. That’s from a song in the 1980s by The Church, from Australia, covered recently by Sia. “Under the Milky Way Tonight”.

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