“Right now is all you have so live in the present.”

“Enjoy today.”

“Stop waiting until the weekend to be happy.”

Yeah yeah yeah, talk about beating a dead horse… Yet, as per usual, I haven’t been practicing what I’ve been preaching.

“What exactly are you talking about?” -you may ask

Well well well, let me explain…

Long story (maybe not so) short: that darn wanderlust bug bit me. And since then, I’ve had the insatiable desire to travel the world; waking up in a new town with new people and a new culture. Helping those who are in need of just one person who really wants to listen to them, who really understands them. Oh, how lovely that would be! The magic within that experience to connect to people makes my heart skip a beat…but I’ve failed to realize something HUGE:

The magic isn’t dependent on where you stand but who you stand with.

Touching the lives of others is a beautiful reward given to us by human connection, and in return, the lives we touch somehow always manage to touch our lives as well. Lucky for us, this occurrence can happen REGARDLESS of where you are! That global brigade to Honduras this summer doesn’t have to be the only time you make a difference. Here’s an idea from yours truly: find something you love, then volunteer to help at-risk youth fall in love with it too. Everyone needs someone, and that’s the truth for both abroad and in your community as well.

Now if only that was the only reason why we wanted to travel abroad… For less selfish reasons. TUHHHH! We want to experience the cuisines of a culture whose people are even more beautiful than their clear blue ocean. The native people dancing in their streets with the music that was started in their hometown, singing for the freedom they’ve finally received in the country they so truly love! Yeah, I’m also guilty of these never ending fantasies of one day meeting my beautiful wife who speaks a different language and knows how to cook the country’s most beloved dish better than anyone else in her town; but here’s the thing: why wait until the opportunity for traveling abroad arise to appreciate the beauty of wandering?

Of course there’s nothing that can compare to traveling to Singapore, Italy, Barcelona, Brazil, etc. But also remember that there’s nothing that can compare to visiting that cute little coffee shop downtown that serves the best cup of joe in the district, or going to the local art museum to support members of your community’s love for creativity, or taking a train to Orlando to view the Kennedy Space Center because you’ve got a Neil DeGrasse Tyson fetish (okay…maybe that’s just me).

All of this is (well, maybe not KSC if you don’t live in Central Florida because let’s be honest, we all love Dr. Tyson a lot more than we’d like to admit) is at your fingertips—so why wait for that plane ticket to Mumbai to begin exploration?

Life changing travels can be as simple as going to the person you love and talking to them about how their day was. IT’S JUST THAT EASY (and bonus: it’s usually free haaay).

Never left the country? The state? Well, I’d suggest that one day you do because I know I sure have and will! However, until then, how about you take a trip with your sisters to the vintage boutique a few blocks away…or visit your local community center to work with kids who need a positive light in their life. Because that’s where the magic lies. That’s what makes it the most memorable and life changing. And who knows, maybe you’ll spot a girl even more beautiful than all of your never ending fantasies on these magical journeys of yours. In that case, get her number.

Then give it to me. ;)

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