The endless desire to travel the world,
Seeing what this wonderful Earth has in store
To embrace the different cultures of our fellow humans,
Of our brothers and sisters
I’m consumed by it
I want to go to sleep every single night in a different town,
In a different state,
In a different country
Hell, give me the chance to travel space and I bet your bottom dollar I’ll take it
I’m forever engulfed in this passion
This desire
But now I’m facing what could be the sole definition of beauty,
Yearning to travel not only the world, but all of you
Wanderlust transformed into wander in lust
Exploring in ecstasy
When two becomes one,
One becomes infinite
In the amount of possibilities,
In the amount of dreams,
In the amount of gasps of everlasting pleasure
Now, when I lay my head on my pillow,
I want nothing more than to fall asleep with you under me
The warmth created by your figurine would be all that I need
And when I wake,
I want to be able to kiss you ever so gently on your forehead
Enjoying you in the most innocent of ways,
Every morning,
For the rest of my life

Posted by:Maravilla World

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