I’m a feminist.
*in a child’s voice* “Ooooooooh, Kiara said a bad word!”
Yeah, that’s basically how society reacts in this day in age after 50+ years of “equal rights” amongst men and women. Saying that you’re a feminist nowadays is basically asking for hate among your peers (mind you, no consent given). More often than not, people (both men AND women) think that you need to calm down before you even start. You’re not even “allowed” to bring up your position. Because unbeknownst to them, not every feminist thinks exactly the same.
“Wait whaaaaat, do you mean that humans think differently?”
Personally, my feminism means self-expression. However YOU want to express yourself, as long as it’s authentic and non-harmful to others, I say BE ‘BOUT DAT LIFE. Want to have sex with 1,000 people? I say go for 1,001—just make sure to be safe and use protection every. single. time. Want to become a stripper? I say let me be your first lap dance because I’m already your biggest fan. Want to be barefoot and pregnant? I’ll ask when do you want to have a baby shower!
My feminism is controversial. My feminism is in a constant change.
And my feminism is just that, MINE.

I shave. I wear dresses and skirts. I’m old-fashioned when it comes to many things. But that’s because I (ME ME ME) want too. I like shaving because I want to feel my chocolate skin at its smoothest. I like the feeling of wearing dresses and skirts because seriously, FUCK PANTS. And I like many old-fashioned things because for 1) I think chivalry is cute as shit and 2) I really love women so I treat them with respect.

I do hold other feminist issues close to my heart because what we, as women, have had to deal with is unacceptable and it’s not dying off as fast as everyone is saying it is. I know when I’m not being treated equally because of my race, when I’m not being treated equally because of my sexual orientation, and when I’m not being treated equally because of my sex. And although all of it is terrible, I’m going to delve more into the tomfoolery I have to deal with as it relates to being a woman.

Here’s a little synopsis of my observations:

  • When I tell society that I refuse to listen to them when it comes to what I can and cannot do, I’m looked at as being reckless. Society is constantly saying, “STAY IN YOUR PLACE, KIARA.” And the only mature way to respond is through a wise man who once said,
“Whatevaa whatevaa, I do what I want.”
  • When I speak up for myself, I’m told that what I’m actually doing is speaking out of term (which is always) and I’m just being a defensive bitch.
  • When I show authority in my voice, I’m conceived as being condescending and the actual content of what I’m saying isn’t even being listened to.
  • But when my male counterpart refuses to let society determine what he can or cannot do…oh wait, they don’t. Why? Because girls may “run the world,” but men are the officials of this track race. They’re in charge right now, they’re calling alllllllll of the plays.
  • When he speaks up for himself, he’s seen as being courageous. That he’s not taking less than what he deserves and he knows he’s got it going on!
  • And when he shows authority in his voice, he’s automatically sexy, powerful, and charismatic. Ooooh, a man in a suit that knows what he wants?
“Someone call Guinness book of world records, I think I just found the earth’s biggest ocean in my panties. #igotthatWetWetfohim”
I’m not saying that men are being treated above their pay grade. I’m saying that women should be treated the same. Maybe I’m seen as a bitter, radical feminist. Actually, not even maybe, probs*. But you know what? I’ll be that. Because I find it very much deemed as necessary at this point in time. No, the problem is not men. All men aren’t innately bad. The problem is not being seen as equal…because not only do many men not take these issues seriously, but many of our fellow women do as well.  How are we going to expect a change if the people this impacts don’t want the help for ALL OF US? So let’s all stop trying to hide behind calling ourselves “humanist” and “meninist” and start saying, “I’m a damn proud feminist!” (Yes, that means you too fellas.)
And because I’m so generous,
Just for your viewing pleasures, here’s what my “I’M A DAMN PROUD FEMINIST” looks like ahora:
Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 8.17.41 AM
Oooooh yasss, werk that IDGAF BECAUSE I’M BAD face. Yaaaas!
I will not be silenced, I will not “stay in my place,” and I will not put up with not being treated fairly. So if you’re expecting an apology from ME, don’t hold your breath. In fact, choke on it because I’m THAT bitch.
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