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I believe in the smaller picture.
Small hands, small bodies, small feet.
But I also believe in their big eyes filled with even bigger hopes and dreams.
I believe in making a difference in the simplest of ways.
From smiling at a passing stranger
To giving unsolicited advice to your little sister about boys.
And neither of them know it,
But they have something in common:
Someone on their side.
I believe in being a whole person…
So it’s okay to not be okay. For now.
But don’t stay that way.
Sometimes, the best thing to do is to choose to be happy.
I believe in following your dreams,
And the more unrealistic–the better!
Life’s too short to do anything that your heart isn’t 100% in.
So love what you do more than you love yourself
And you’ll always find your way back home.
I believe in the mystery of every moment that passes by,
From the worst ones that teaches lessons,
To the best ones that only give feelings of sheer bliss.
I don’t take a single moment for granted,
I don’t wish for the weekend to come.
I’m sharing my presence with you–right now,
So what more could I ask for?
I’m a wonderer.
I’m a person who feels everything so deeply.
I’m an adventure seeker.
And I’m afraid…
But most importantly, I’m here.
With a goal, a purpose…
And sure,
Maybe I haven’t gotten that far in figuring out exactly that “goal” or “purpose” is,
But I’m here.
This is my beginning.

Posted by:Maravilla World

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